Neon Genesis Evangelion Collectible Chopsticks - Mommy There's A Small Person In My Eating Stick!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Neon Genesis Evangelion Chopsticks

Filed under cute and amazing collectibles, these Neon Genesis Evangelion Chopsticks are designed like the plug or small pods the pilots use to board their awesome robots. You can even remove the small door and reveal a miniaturized version of your favorite EVA pilot. Now I'm not sure how much these will cost if and when they hit our shores but according to the images they're selling for around JPY 1,260 so I'm guessing a pair of these would be upwards of PHP 700. A small price to pay if you're a Neon Genesis Evangelion die hard collector but for the rest of us mere mortals it's going to be too much for a pair of sticks made for eating. I have a couple more images after the break if you're into all these anime collectibles.

Neon Genesis Evangelion ChopsticksNeon Genesis Evangelion Chopsticks

Neon Genesis Evangelion Chopsticks

Posted by Jab Escutin
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