Update: Succubus Demon Amberlash Cosplayed By Samuela Cannata

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Warcraft Cosplay Samuel Cannata

It's no secret that we love cosplay and warcraft figures, so imagine when we have somebody mix the two together. The Succubus Demon Amberlash is a great looking figure to begin with and it's really cool that designer and serious cosplayer Samuela Cannata decided to create and cosplay as her. Just look at that great costume. Everything she's wearing is hand made and she has a whole video to prove it. I'm really battling a bad case of blogger's block these past few days so I'll just stop embarrassing myself with all the bad writing and just ask you to take the jump and look at more of Samuela's great pics.

Warcraft Cosplay Samuela CannataWarcraft Cosplay Samuela Cannata

I was planning to embed the video but unfortunately it's not embeddable at the moment. You can just check it out at the source link.

Update: Video now embedded.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Samuela Cannata