CSI Effect Infographic - Real Life Investigations Take Time!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

CSI Effect Infographic

I'm sure everybody's aware that the monsters we see on television aren't real. But what happens when you have real live people acting out real live jobs? Do we still think the same thing happens in real life? CSI is probably a great example to see how much of the things we see on TV we should believe and expect in real life. To be honest I'm one of the guys that get frustrated when I see cases in real life going cold because nobody seems to be processing DNA samples fast enough. And I always expect the guys that investigate the crime scenes to drive in with Hummers and arrest anybody they think is involved in the crime. Well thanks to the great inforgraphic after the break we can now at least expect something more realistic from our hard working investigators. If you think the life of a real CSI is for you go ahead and take an online criminology education program, who knows you might be the first one to ride a Hummer or luxury car to a crime scene.

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The CSI Effect

Posted by Jab Escutin