History Of Valve In A Humongous Infographic

Thursday, December 16, 2010

History Of Valve Infographic

We geeks love our FPS Games (that's First Person Shooter Games for you non-gamer geeks out there), and if there's one company we need to credit the whole FPS genre for it's Valve that we need to thank for all the shooting mayhem and fragging. If you don't know Valve developed titles like Half-Life and Counterstrike so I'm hoping you understand Valve's importance to the gaming world. Like most gamers, we rarely know the history of the companies that develop the games we literally lose sleep for. Maybe it's because we really can't get our hands off the games in the first place so it's really not our fault and I'm sure the companies that develop the games would rather have us play than study their company's profile right? But for now let's take a minute to see how Valve grew as a company in the gargantuan infographic after the break.

Just go ahead and click the image to see all the text you want to read.

Image was taken down by the source site

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Online Universities