You May Be Interested In Looking At Playstation Phone Videos

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Playstation Phone Videos

Everybody's been talking about the Playstation Phone for about a couple of months now and I've been kind of resisting the urge to post anything related to it. Maybe because I still find the notion of an Android based Mobile Playstation boring (queue geek hate here). I really can't see why this is exciting to a lot of gadget nerds out there given that it's barely functioning and it looks a lot like a full-on prototype which I'm thinking it is. Or maybe it's because I really love playing Infinity Blade on an iOS device instead (queue geek hate part 2 here)? Since I'm trying to foster a community of geeks no matter what acts of geekery they want to commit I'd still find time to support it even though I myself am in no mood to dabble in an Android Based Playstation Phone. Why the hell didn't they just slam the PSP OS with a phone? I guess I'll never know but since you've already read this far why not go ahead and check the break for two vids I found lying around YouTube.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: YouTube