Rod Liefeld Wants A Great Deadpool Movie - Will Kick Fox In The Nuts Just In Case

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rod Liefeld Deadpool Movie Tweets

Comic book geeks would probably love Rob Liefeld even more for his twitter rants to 20th Century Fox about the mythical Deadpool Movie. Rob Liefeld as you'd probably already know is the creator of the psychotically funny mercenary named Deadpool. Like him I really can't understand why 20th Century Fox isn't jumping on the opportunity to start filming and casting the Deadpool movie. Isn't it clear enough with all the comic book covers and titles Deadpool's been getting that he's already an instant hit? Let alone casting Mr. Sexiest Man Alive Ryan Reynolds to do all the blabber mouthing and killing would really be irresistable to every comic book lover around the world. So let's please help Mr Liefeld in his quest to kick the nuts of the big wigs over at Fox! You can see his twitter blasts over at the source link. I'm glad that Rob Liefeld really cares about Deadpool and not just let any studio brutally turn him into another movie flop.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: ComicsAlliance