Steve Jobs Action Figure - Unlicensed And Now No Longer For Sale

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Steve Jobs Action Figure

Thanks to a good friend I just realized that it's already been a week since I posted something here and I'm sure loyal readers (if they somehow exist) would actually start speculating that I'm already dead. To be honest I've been really busy with my real life job and by that I mean I've been wasting time away battling monsters in "God of War". Anyway, I've got a ton of back logged posts lined up and I hope I can post everything before it multiplies and buries me in links I have to read and stuff I have to post here. It's already 1 am in my part of the world so right now I'm about to doze off but before I do that I'll leave you with the action figure of the greatest marketer the world has ever seen! Behold the Steve Jobs Action Figure! Too bad Apple yanked it out of the seller's site before we can actually grab one. Obviously Steve doesn't want people building altars of him around their houses.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: MIC Gadget