Facebook Infographic - Millions Upon Millions Of Stats!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Facebook Infographic

When Friendster came out around the 90's I had no interest in Social Media of any kind. I was too busy looking at action figures and playing video games that I didn't want to waste my time telling my friends what I've been doing with my sorry life. But just last year I created my personal Facebook account because in order for me to spread the word about my blog I had to at least have some kind of online presence. Not that I have one now. Anyway, I find Facebook to be very helpful in keeping track of my friends and what they do that makes them feel they're better than me. Some even update their status every second they have their fingers on some type of keyboard, now don't get me started on photo tagging and all that crap. I hate it when somebody tags their whole friends list just so they can sell something. Tagging will eventually be the new spam so please stop. If you haven't noticed the image above is a clip of a gigantic infographic about Facebook and how we as humans have used it. You can see the whole thing after the break.

Are We Obsessed with Facebook?

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: OnlineSchools.org