Hello Kitty Mashups - Somebody Mass Produce These Please!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello Kitty Mashups

It's no secret that I hate Hello Kitty. I hate her err... IT! so much that I almost punched a mascot that approached me at the mall. He was giving me free stuff and all but there's only so much pink fluffiness one can take right? Like all things on earth and probably some planets in the crab nebula, there's always an exception to the rule and the Hello Kitty mashups artist Joseph Senior creates is definitely the one for me. If only these things were real and mass produced you'd probably see all of 'em somewhere in my house. Maybe near the bar or the gym (whatever that is). I've posted a couple more after the break but you really have to visit Joseph's Flickr page to see if you can recognize all the Hello Kitty's he dressed up. The Doraemon themed one looks kind of awkward for me. A cat dressed as another cat? What's up with that?

Hello Kitty Mashups

Hello Kitty MashupsHello Kitty MashupsHello Kitty Mashups

Posted by Jab Escutin
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MissBliss said...

I'm not sure what the gold and silver space suit ones are but I'd totally buy them! I think the blue cat thing is dorky though,,, p.s. I also totally hate Hello Kitty so I guess that's why the two I like could only be recognized by the bloody bow and the body shape lol :P o(^+^)o