X-Men First Class Sneak Preview - So Far So Good

Friday, January 28, 2011

X-Men First Class Sneak Preview

X-Men: First Class (movie) is important because of a lot of things. First off it's kind of the last chance for die hard X-Men fans to see if the movie side of things will be any better as the last 3 X-Men films did nothing but mutilate everything we loved about the X-Men not to mention Wolverine too. Secondly... well... just go back to the first reason. I'm hoping this is a reboot of some sort if that's even possible because this movie happens before all the other horrible X-Men movies. You see the image above? If I have to tell you that's a younger version of Magneto you really wouldn't have an idea why we hate the X-Men movies in the first place. But we'd appreciate it if you tell us you didn't like the first three X-titles either. Another risk is the fact that they let Professor X walk and have hair in the form of James McAvoy. You can see him thinking hard after the break. I guess the best thing they can do is take the storyline as far away as possible from the other X-Men movies they made.

X-Men First Class Sneak Preview

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