Mega Man X D-Arts Action Figure - Celebrating 15 Mega Years

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mega Man X D-Arts Action Figure

I was a big fan of Mega Man back in the days of Gameboy and SNES. He'd probably be the best video game character of all time if only Mario never existed. A robot boy with a gun that steals his defeated enemies parts to make new weapons? What else can you ask for? If you think Mega Man is awesome imagine the pants pissing action geeks had when they first laid eyes on Mega Man X. His name came from a time where every other upgrade had an X added to the original name hence making it sound cooler. Now to celebrate 15 years of the Mega Man franchise Bandai is releasing this Mega Man X action figure which stands around 5" or less than 5" to be exact, it even comes with interchangeable parts to satisfy your need to pose action figures. It's around USD 40.00 of your hard earned cash, you can go ahead and pre-order at the source link below if you have the dough to spare.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: EntertainentEarth