Thor Electronic Toy Hammer = Cosplay Accessory

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thor Electronic Toy Hammer

It was inevitable and now here it is, with the Thor movie on it's way it's only fitting that we get toys to go with it. This toy version of Thor's mighty hammer lights up and shoots some kind of stick with a blue light bulb or LED giving off an effect that you just shot somebody with lightning. It's actually designed for kids but I'm pretty sure we're going to see more adults lugging this thing around cosplay events and what not. I'm pretty sure we're going to see hordes of Thunder Gods at cosplay events one of these days hopefully nobody brings an actual mace to the party because that'd be too heavy to haul around and way too bad ass for geeks. The toy Mjolnir is around USD 26.00 and we have another image after the break as well as the guiding link for your purchasing pleasure.

Thor Electronic Toy Hammer

Posted by Jab Escutin
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