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Friday, April 29, 2011

HTC Desire S Launch Philippines

Seems that gadgets now are slimmer and smarter. I was fortunate enough to be the GeekPinoy correspondent for the launch of HTC Desire S at Icon Bar in Makati City.

Bloggers, writers, advertisers, media and of course the telecom company that this amazing gadget is tied up with, all gathered to witness the unveilling of this new sleek phone. Everyone was excited and clueless as to what will happen that evening.

I'm not a techie... As in not at all! When I got the assignment I was like: "Oh man! What am I supposed to do there??" So, like any responsible correspondent, I did my research before the actual event. I learned and fell in love with this phone that just made me go: "Oh yeah! Why didn't other manufacturers think of that?" The night of the event, I was still a little unsure why I was there. Observing the other spectators, almost all were holding their DSLRs, in case a celebrity dropped by, talking about this new hype and formulating their questions. The program was complete with a dance number, a group of models, a beautiful host and of course, who can talk about the gadget better than its Country Manager, Mark Sergio.

Enough about me, let's talk about this beauty. And without further adieu, I present to you the HTC Desire S!

HTC Desire S Launch PhilippinesHTC Desire S Launch Philippines

HTC Desire S Launch PhilippinesHTC Desire S Launch Philippines

An addition to HTC's award-winning smartphone, the HTC Desire, HTC Desire S is slimmer, better and smarter, and ready to conquer all of our desires!

The 3.7 inch LCD screen makes all browsing - whether web, videos or images - ultimately worthwhile. One feature that got me was the 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash. For a photo-addict like me, I can take good pictures in bright sunshine or in the dark of night, and upload right away to my social network of choice! It has an HD video recorder too, that will allow you to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. The front camera allows you to do video calls even with a different device.

HTC Desire S Launch PhilippinesHTC Desire S Launch Philippines

HTC Desire S Launch PhilippinesHTC Desire S Launch Philippines

Another sexy feature is the aluminum case. HTC clearly emphasized that the unibody was made out of only 1 block of aluminum. It was really sexy and feels good when you hold it (did I say that right? LOL!)

Now, what's the fuzz about the HTC Sense? As defined by HTC, "... it is an experience designed around many little insightful ideas..." This is really cool as they have added features that actually made sense! I like the feature where the phone goes to silent mode when you flip it (turning it upside down). You can also download maps, get exact directions and answer a call without leaving the map. The phone is so smart that it knows when to ring louder, like if it's inside your purse and automatically rings softer when you take out. Neat!

Now there's a lot more to learn about the HTC Desire S phone at HTC's website which have cute cartoon clips to explain the HTC Sense better. Go ahead and check it out!

How about you? What do you desire in a phone?

Posted by Soraya Peralta
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Anonymous said...

I have this Smrtphone and I highly recommend it! Now the HTC Sensation 4G is next on my list. ;)