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Friday, April 15, 2011

Space Invader Multi Tool

I've always wanted to get a new set of tools I can haul around wherever I go. You know, because we might suddenly need to open a bottle of ice cold beer that you somehow managed to find lying around the street. There's also the chance that you might want to unscrew or even tighten some screws, preferably the ones supporting your friends brains. Anyways, I can't seem to find one I like since all those Swiss Army Knives seem too serious for me. It's not like I'm McGyver or anything like that. I can barely figure out a 20 piece puzzle all by myself. Now the Space Invader Multi-Tool looks to be something I'd like to carry around. It's simple yet geeky to the point that it's already cool to bring around. It's got a bottle opener a cross and a flat screw all in an 8-bit alien design we all loved back when we didn't have the glory of the internet. You can grab one of these for only USD 20.00 plus a hell of an expensive shipping fee if you live on our side of the world.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Kikkerland