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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Princess Peach Skinny Dipping

I'm really not sure how to write about this... hhhmmm... I guess when we were growing up playing video games and all there comes a time when we ask ourselves what Princess Peach looks like when she's uhmm... in her "Birthday Suit". It's either that or all the raging hormones are really digging into a 12 year old boy's fantasies. I'm not actually sure if we have kids reading this blog but the version without the black box is after the break. So go ahead and jump on it you pervs!

Just to be clear here, I didn't say you'll see anything "significant". I just said the black box will be removed. There's also a High-Res version at the source link below if this ain't enough for you.


Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: CGSociety via Geekologie


lt man said...

i wish there was a sequel comic where she's naked

Unknown said...

Yeah... You just wrote down what everybody else was thinking...