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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

Traffic is a waste of time. Anybody who disagrees with that statement is probably immortal or lying to himself. Anyways, as the old saying goes "Knowledge is Power" and it's definitely true when it comes to handling the rage-inducing traffic we have here in Metro Manila. If you think traffic can be solved by merely making the streets wider or making more of those flyovers then my friend you're not looking at the bigger picture. If everybody's using the same wide roads you'll eventually slow down. So what's the best way to deal with traffic? Know where congestion is and avoid it. You'll do yourself a favor as well as the guys who don't have any alternate routes to take. That's where TV5 and MMDA's newest website comes in!

Last August 1st I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of TV5 and MMDA's "Metro Manila Traffic Navigator" Launch at the Shangri-La Hotel. The event was cool with most of TV5's News team present and the MMDA Chairman was also there to answer some questions regarding their cooperation with TV5.

So what is the "Metro Manila Traffic Navigator" you ask? If the title itself isn't that obvious yet allow me to elaborate, it's a web app that tells you the state of traffic of each major thoroughfare in Metro Manila. Once you log on to the site there's really not that much to explain. There're three different views you can use depending on your preference the "System View" which shows you a MRT station like representation of Metro Manila (kinda like the ones you see on the back of your MRT card). There's also the "Line View" which shows you a table of all the major roads segregated by tabs on the left side. And for people who can't refuse to understand anything else but Google Maps there's also a view available for you. Each view will show you the state of traffic from both sides of the fence (north and south bound) with pretty little colors even your grand kids will understand. MMDA and TV5 is committed to give us the latest information in 15 minutes or less which is great because traffic really does change in a matter of minutes here on our side of the world.

As this is a simple web app it will work on any smartphone or computer with a decent web browser and internet connection.

The Metro Manila Traffic Navigator is truly a great resource for anyone who's trying to get anywhere on time so we can focus on the stuff that really matters. I have a couple of pics below from the event but I have to apologize because I still don't have any sponsors giving me high-end phones to test out and what-not (wink wink). You can check the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator at the source link below.

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator LaunchMetro Manila Traffic Navigator Launch

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator LaunchMetro Manila Traffic Navigator Launch

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: TV5 Traffic Navigator


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