Sculpted Zelda Chess Set - Because You Need More Geek Cred

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sculpted Zelda Chess Set

Zelda's probably the next best thing when it comes to Nintendo's franchises, next to Mario that is. I just wish I had played more Zelda games when I had the chance. The only Zelda game I had the chance to play was the one they released way back when GameBoys were the only portable consoles around. Anyways, it's looking like geeks will have a chance to increase their geek cred by purchasing this custom Zelda themed Chess set from Fizzman Industries. According to the guys there it took them well around three months to bust out one of these so I'm pretty sure they won't just let you have one without shelling out a significant amount. There's a couple more images after the break if you're still interested. I'd go get one but my brain start's to hurt when I try to play chess.

Sculpted Zelda Chess SetSculpted Zelda Chess Set

Sculpted Zelda Chess Set

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: FizzmanIndustries