Angry Birds And Your Sex Life - It Ain't About the Birds And The Bees Anymore

Monday, September 12, 2011

Angry Birds Sex Life

Sex is always a hard topic to explain and while everything else in the world is being turned into an Angry Bird it really didn't surprise me when I saw this sex life analogy using some of the Angry Birds. No, this isn't Angry Birds Porn you sicko and there's no video either so you're better off checking out the Street Fighter Porn trailer we posted a while back if you're into all that geeky weird stuff. Now if you just want to see how sex is like those furious fowls then go ahead and check the source link for a couple of chuckles.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: C-Section Comics


Issa said...

Jab.. that's excellent unlocking of a hidden metaphor in playing angry birds..hehehe..

I don't play the game. Now I'm curious. :)

jab said...

@Issa - I tried playing but stopped because of sheer frustration... some of the levels are so damn hard to complete with 3 stars! hehe...