Hands And Eyes On At The Redfox Media Junk.IT Philippines

Friday, September 23, 2011

Redfox Media Junkit Philippines

I was lucky enough to be invited to Redfox's Media Junk.IT a couple of weeks ago where they gave members of the media a glimpse of their upcoming products. As an AMD fan way back in college I was happy to see that Redfox is continually raising the bar when it comes to consumer electronics using AMD's line of processors and GPU's. Now I'm not really much of a hardware junkie but I did enjoy the quick rundown of the different parts and features that come in every one of Redfox's products. Since I'm mostly interested in the full package of a product and it's use in real world scenarios I took the liberty of posting a gallery of the hardware they featured at the event. Out of everything I saw there I was really interested in Redfox's WizPad2 because unlike the main stream tablets we see today (i.e. iPad, Galaxy) the WizPad2 is loaded with Windows 7. Yes, my friends it's not running a half baked mobile OS. It's basically a fully featured computer you can haul around the place, and much more.

The gallery below is basically a couple of hands on shots of the WizPad2 and some of the hardware they featured at Redfox's showroom. Since I'm still waiting to spend some quality time with the WizPad2 for a full on review all I can say is that it has great potential. The weight seemed okay and not really troublesome for my scrawny little arms. The capacitative screen was bright enough and responded quite nicely with all the swiping and tapping I did. I'm really curious as to how this thing would perform under Windows 8 but for now I'd have to settle with the pre loaded Windows 7. There's also a couple of Motherboards at the gallery for all you hardware addicts and a pretty little Redfox Pico Projector.

Redfox Media Junkit Philippines

Posted by Jab Escutin
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Alexander said...

It sounds super. I wish I was there!!!

Semidoppel said...

Hmm, iPAd 2's competitors are now emerging

jab said...

@semidoppel - I think Redfox's WizPad is after a different market seeing that it's running a full OS unlike Apple's iOS. But I agree there are a lot of iPad competitorss out now... Mainly running Android which is directly competing with iOS.