I Didn't Like The Avengers Movie And These Avengers Movie Mini Munny

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Avengers Movie Mini Munny

I know I'm going to incur the wrath of some hardcore fans here but for for some reason I feel the Avengers Movie sucked big time (queue hate here). I mean why would I like the thought of having all the great Marvel Movie heroes together in a single movie? I didn't even find Tony Stark amusing the least bit specially the scenes where he removes the Iron Man suit while walking, that's so lame if you know what I mean. The Hulk just made things even worse especially the part where he slammed Loki over and over again on the floor. That wasn't the least bit funny at all. So why am I featuring these Avengers Movie Mini Munny's then? Well once I have 'em I'm going to blow them up just because I hate the movie so much. Ooohh... and I love the Twilight Saga! But before you go bat crazy on me in the comments try googling for the word "sarcasm".

Posted by Jab Escutin
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Unknown said...

I think the reason why you hated the movie is because you are not a SCI FI, ACTION, SUPERNATURAL type of movie fan. For me, the movie was amazing because I love watching ACTION and SCI FI movies.

By the way, TWILIGHT SAGA? for me, that's the gayest and boring movie I ever seen. I slept the whole time when me and my cousin was watching it and maybe it's because I hate romance movie and I'm a GIRL! I hate watching movies with suicidal heroins.

Pls. Reply... Maraming Salamat!

Jab said...

@Zyriae - Thanks for the comment... Uhm... I think you missed the last part of the post where I said 'try googling for the word "sarcasm"'... Have a nice day...

Unknown said...

Hi! Thanks sa Reply.

I already know the meaning of sarcasm. Don't need to google it. Plus, if you put a review on the internet and asks for comments, you should expect comments that doesn't agree to yours. And there you have it. And By the way, I didn't miss the last part. What kind of reader would do that..? Salamat. Have a nice day too. Enjoy watching romance movies

Jennifer Johnson said...

You're not the only one. I hated it, too, and found your blog because I began to wonder if I was the only person on the planet that hated it.

I am a geek/sci-fi fan and I liked most of the lead-in films, so I was surprised that this movie did not resonate with me at all. It had a few amusing one-liners and moments, but it had no plot and was 2 1/2 hours of gratuitous action.

Unknown said...

uuhhh... this is really getting awkward for me... anyways, thanks for the comments!