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Sunday, May 06, 2012

MapleStory Legends Episode 3

If you haven't heard, MapleStory is going strong and is on it's 3rd episode. They're actually launching new character classes in the next few weeks. Now I'm not much of a 2D action platform gamer but I got some hands on time with MapleStory's new classes and it's looking like I might have to find some time just to create my own "legend". MapleStory's Episode 3 entitled "Legends" will introduce new character classes one by one starting with the Cannon Shooter which is set to go live on May 14th 2012 on our side of the world (that's South East Asia in case you were wondering). If you like to blow stuff up this guy's for you. The Mercedes class or the Elf Princess is set to go live on May 30th 2012 and if enchanted arrows are your thing she's the one you want. The last class to go live is the Demon Slayer and far as I can tell this class is for the guys who want to rid the world of the dark forces... err.. demons... hence the Demon Slayer class name. Anyways, if you like to take a break from all those 3D games that's been taking up all your time you might want to try this cute 2D action platformer when the new classes come out. You know it's really nice to play a game that doesn't rape your graphics card once in a while. There's a teaser trailer after the break and the source link to get you started on all the action.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: MapleSEA