When You Love To Type On The New Ipad - Ultrathin Keyboard Case

Friday, May 11, 2012

New iPad iPad2 Ultrathin Keyboard Case

I know you love your New iPad so much you sleep beside it. You bring it everywhere you go and it's your best friend in the office hopefully not your only friend. Now imagine typing on the iPad for hours on end, I know the on-screen keyboard is fine and all but when you actually need to type in a couple of long paragraphs you start wishing for an actual keyboard that reacts to every keystroke you make. With that in mind the iPad Case you see above is probably the only thing you need. Unlike all the other iPad cases out there this one doesn't add bulk and even has an ultrathin keyboard in case you want to type away for hours on end. Not really sure if it's already available here in the Philippines and what the price is but I'm sure it'll pop up anytime now. It's currently USD 99 on Logitech's site. Oh, and it protects your New iPad too.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Logitech


t r i s t a n said...

it sucks that i got the Belkin Folio instead of this. they both have the same price tag but the Logitech is a lot more sleek and stylish. i dont have any complaints with the Folio, just pointing out that i would have gotten the latter if i had read your blog on time.

Unknown said...

@tristan - ouch... maybe next time... or you can sell that and buy a new one... =)