Will This Save Nokia? - City Lens Augmented Reality App

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nokia City Lens Augmented Reality App

It's no secret that Nokia's been playing catch up with the big boys of the smartphone industry. Now I'm no expert with mobile OS's specially with Windows Mobile as I haven't really been able to get some hands on time with any of the new stuff Nokia's dished out the past couple of months. But one thing's for sure, the success of Nokia's products will depend on the apps and how customers respond and use those apps in their day to day routines. The newest app to come out of Nokia's Labs is the City Lens which basically is an augmented reality app that shows you what's around you depending on what the camera sees. If it works as advertised it will load up information about restaurants and places you can go which is a really neat trick, assuming the location information is available on Nokia's servers and stuff. I'm not betting on this to be widely available for locations here on our side of the world but it's a great idea on it's own. If you have no idea what I was rambling about just go ahead and check the video after the break. I'm sure the Nokia Guy will do a better job explaining City Lens.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: YouTube