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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poker Websites PokerSeeker

Like most of us in the real world, we dream of hitting it big by earning mountains of cash. Some of us turn to businesses hoping to be lucky enough to hit some kind of gold mine of an idea while others turn to gambling. While most gamblers rely on luck Poker seems to be a game of skill more than letting chance take charge. Now I'm not saying I can play like the poker pros we see on TV or even take down a big pot with my friends but like any other decent geek out there I turn to the web to read about the game and learn what I can. I recently came across PokerSeeker.com "click here" which is a simple portal that poker lovers can use to get more information about the latest tournaments and even learn a tip or two. Unlike most poker websites out there you're welcomed by a simple home page which I like a lot. It really beats viewing something that will instantly overwhelm a newbie poker player like me. You can also play a game or two on your browser directly from the site or download their game client for a better poker experience.

Posted by Jab Escutin