Show Off Your Tank Driving Skills At World Of Tanks Tournament: URAL 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Show Off Your Tank Driving Skills At World Of Tanks Tournament: URAL 2012

So you're addicted to World of Tanks and have your buddies decimate every other heavily armored vehicle that comes your way. I guess it's time to stop bullying those newbies and start playing with the big boys at this 2012's World of Tanks Tournament: URAL. Aside from the usual bragging rights you and your friends will have the pleasure of shouting about you also have the chance to win a big chunk of the 77K worth of cash prizes to be awarded to the best and last team standing. Interested? Go ahead and check the break for the official press release and links to more details and registration of course.

Wargaming Announces details for the Second Annual International Ural Steel
Championship 2012 held in Moscow, Russia

Registration Opens today for the Premiere World of Tanks Competition and the Chance to win $77,000

July 19, 2012 – Wargaming – the award-winning game developer and publisher – announces
the opening of registration for the upcoming International Ural Steel Championship 2012 for its
flagship MMO action game World of Tanks. Registration begins today and will continue through
July 31, 2012.

“World of Tanks has become a global eSport discipline,” says Victor Kislyi, Wargaming
CEO. "The game is turning into a massive communication platform that merges together
gaming communities of different countries and regions.”

Sixteen teams of the world’s best World of Tanks gamers from America, Europe, Russia, China,
and Southeast Asia will compete on six battle maps for their shot at the bragging rights of Ural
Steel Championship 2012 winner and a prize purse of $77,000 USD. The Grand Finals will take
place on September 15th – 16th at CSKA Sport Arena in Moscow, Russia.

The tournament is organized by Wargaming in partnership with UralVagonZavod, one of the
largest scientific and industrial complexes in Russia and the largest tank manufacturer in the
world and in association with the Russian Cyber-sport Federation.

“We'll continue to encourage and support eSport events like Ural Steel in the future, providing
attractive prizes and contributing our skills and knowledge to make these events even more
exciting,” states Kislyi. The first Ural Steel Championship was held last year and became a
virtual battleground for more than 40,000 players from nearly 30 countries.

Sign up for Ural Steel 2012 here:


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Source: WorldOfTanks


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