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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Download Final Fantasy VII PC

If you haven't played a minute of Final Fantasy VII then you probably spent most of your life not knowing how much you're wasting your life (if that makes sense). I probably spent a year of my life stuck to a screen because of this game and probably downloading a couple of stuff when it still wasn't cool. Now that Final Fantasy VII's coming up with an official PC version I probably need to finally figure out how to bend time and space so that I can relive all the Chocobo riding days of my adolescent life. Which was a long time ago by the way. Not really much info to go around as of this moment but they say a ton of online features will be available to us mere mortals when it comes out.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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tristan said...

one console game that i want to see ported to the pc is Shadow of the Colossus. imagine those colossi made even bigger and rendered on a high-end pc.


Jab said...

@tristan - haven't tried Shadow of the Colossus... I guess it came out around the time I learned about beer...