Introducing Google+ And How It Works

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Introducing Google+ And How It Works - Digitalmoz Guest Post

The SEO industry has been abuzz with the recent launch of Google+1. Many SEO experts and practitioners were surprised with how this new innovation can greatly affect the whole landscape of the internet.

Just like its predecessor, Google Buzz, the +1 button is a mystery for many users. Many compare this new feature to Facebook’s “like” button, which is a good assessment. However, Google +1 is a lot more different, because it doesn’t necessarily share the +1 content in the user’s social stream.

Since this is an enigma to many of us, let us first define what it is and see how it affects SEO in the Philippines.

How the +1 Button Works

The +1 button actually works easily. Its presence could help people find out and share relevant information to others who they know and trust. Once a person +1 a website, article or advertisement, it will show up on their +1 tab, Google search results and on websites with +1 button. Google has already issued a statement on what is the purpose of +1 but they did not explain its direct effect on the search engine rankings.

Effect to SEO

The +1 feature has an indirect effect on your rank in search engines; but it does not mean that the more +1 that you have, the higher rank you will achieve. The main advantage is, your account/site will have a higher click-through-rate and a greater potential that your link will be shared on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

The experiment conducted by Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz, found out that the more the link was passed through these social media channels, the higher the chance of getting good rankings. But Aaron Wall, a top authority in the SEO industry disagrees with Fishkin, “for most people, I see it as a waste of time and an added jump to hoop through. He also said that user adoption with this feature has been terrible and would rather stick to conventional social media sites.

The Bottom Line

According to Keith Kaplan, a +1 can obliquely lead to a better page ranking. The more important thing to remember is the correlation of +1 to social shares and search rank, and not causation. +1 can also increase the potential for a higher CTR, leading to increased social sharing and ultimately, augmenting your Google search rank.

It is still in the infancy stage that is why it is advisable for a SEO company to stick to traditional SEO practices (i.e. link building, relevant keywords, social bookmarking, etc.) whilst slowly incorporating this change.

Jim Lodico, a commercial copy writer and marketing consultant couldn’t have said it any better with regards to SEO and social media. He said that for those who are “looking to achieve high rankings, will need to not only utilize traditional SEO but also social media optimization. Although the impact of Google +1 has yet to be determined, we do know that SEO experts and the SMO experts are about to become very close friends”.

Guest Post by Digitalmoz