Mobile Gaming Keeps Growing Despite Apple Dropping Adobe

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mobile Gaming Keeps Growing Despite Apple Dropping Adobe

I don’t know if Apple was hoping to ensure users only utilised their apps for free play casino gaming or if their decision to drop Adobe was based totally on technological factors, but mobile gaming has proved to be really resilient to the dropping of Adobe Flash, and has bounced back using the HTML 5 platform bigger and better than before. I guess we can credit Steve Jobs for quietly ditching Adobe, seems he didn’t even tell them till he wrote them an open letter online; and moving over to HTML 5, as the mobile gaming sector has actually made bigger and better games using the new technology. The new technology of the smart phones and tablets is actually pretty much a dream come true for mobile casino gamers and online casinos have scrambled to release really good versions of the games that were previously found in Flash format.

I’m not sure if Steve Jobs intention was to show just how technologically savvy he was and how forward thinking he could be, but the loss of Adobe actually has worked in mobile gamers favor and the new games are really awesome. I’m often too lazy to go and sit down at my computer or set up my laptop, so the mobile gaming apps are a pretty useful way for me to enjoy my gaming and if I want to play for money I can deposit the same way as if I was playing online. Pretty nifty and convenient, and a really clear reason as to why the sites that offer mobile gaming are leaps ahead of others who have yet to catch on to the trend.

Mobile gaming has really taken off recently with an increase of over 30% of people using mobile casinos. Factor in the fact that people have become reliant on having instant access to their games and as a population that relies on immediate gratification it’s great to see that the guys over at Apple actually helped mobile gaming grow when they decided to ditch Adobe. Mobile gaming’s resilience and adaptability has been made really obvious and the message that mobile gaming is growing is being heard loud and clear by developers and gamers around the world.