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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Online Poker Tournaments

My friends have recently been addicted to playing poker and with good reason. The game's so easy to play specially when you know how friends react in certain situations. Now I'm not saying I win most of the time and to be honest I actually suck. But that doesn't stop me from getting the latest poker apps on my iPhone to practice on the computer and stuff. It's not like we're betting with millions of dollars on every other round but it's still a great way to spend time with friends. I'm sure most of us nowadays got our first taste of poker through online games where we play with fake money that really doesn't have any value in the real world in anyway except maybe bragging rights. But you actually get the point of the game when you start playing with real money because you tend to think more of the actual cost of losing rather than just bluffing with useless currency. When you want to play with people other than your friends to test your skills you either go to the casinos or try your luck on online poker tournaments. I think the only way to really improve your poker skills is to play with different people so you can get different reactions and increase your experience over all. Problem is that requires real money which most of us can't afford to lose.

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