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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Elgato Gamecapture HD Unboxing

After weeks and weeks of waiting we finally got our hands on the Elgato Gamecapture HD. You're probably thinking what this gadget's for so let me enlighten you, it's a great way to record your gameplay from your PS3 or Xbox. So you don't have to have a tripod and video camera record everything in front of your tv and create fuzzy noises in the background everytime you hit record. Now as much as we'd like to post decent photos and images of our unboxing, I was so excited that I only had time to take crappy photos (see the word "lazy") so if you like crappy unboxing images go ahead and be my guest. But if you like decent unboxing photos of the Elgato Gamecapture HD I think you're better off googling for some other blog's unboxing. I'm hoping you still get a good idea of what you'll get inside the box and stuff. I'd probably post a review of some sort one of these days if procrastination doesn't attack me.

Just click the image to launch the gallery of dark and low quality images of the Elgato Gamecapture HD unboxing.

Elgato Gamecapture HD Unboxing

Posted by Jab Escutin
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