Kung-Fu Pandas FTW! - World Of Warcraft: Mist Of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

Friday, August 17, 2012

World Of Warcraft: Mist Of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

As I've said before I haven't played a minute of World Of Warcraft, mainly because I have no skill to bend time and space to my will. I'd probably be one of the guys who suddenly pass out while playing for hours without end. That's probably how great it is. Now just like everybody else who hasn't played World of Warcraft we tend to just be satisfied with watching the great cinematic trailers. The latest one to date features the expansion Mist of Pandaria and as much as entertained I am from all the action it really doesn't surprise me that a Pandaren can whip the behinds of a Human and Orc at the same time. Go ahead and watch it and be entertained for about 4 minutes of your life.

Thanks to reader WebCube for reminding me to post about this. Because you know, I have the supernatural memory of a gold fish when it comes to these things.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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