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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Reset Clothing Philippines

If you're into gaming and most of the geekery that goes with it, you might want to check out Reset Clothing. The local independent shirt brand has been around for some time now and with their recent relaunch you might find a design or two that might tickle your geek fancy. I recently got their limited edition logo design shirt and I have to say it's more than what I expected for something that's only PHP 350.00. Go ahead and check the break for some more of my mumbling and pics of the great delivery package it came in with.

I'm liking the fact that online deliveries are getting more and more popular in the Philippines these days and when you order a shirt from Reset Clothing you'll get it packed in this neat box with the gaming themed graphic. Kind of reminds me of my old Family Computer mashing days. The print is high quality unlike those stuff we see from low-budget printers where they iron-on the prints and it just peels off on it's own after a day or two.

I suggest you go ahead and check the source link below for more of Reset Clothing's great designs and have one shipped to you at your convenience.

Reset ClothingReset Clothing

Reset ClothingReset Clothing

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Reset Clothing FB