When You're Missing All Those Pixel Based Games - Retro City Rampage Trailer

Monday, October 15, 2012

Retro City Rampage Trailer

With all the advancements in gaming graphics it's no surprise that a great few of us that have lived through the age of 8-bit gaming are now missing games that don't need all those fancy graphics to entertain us. That's why games like Retro City Rampage are made. It's actually supposed to be just an 8-bit version of Grand Theft Auto but since the developers had so much fun making it they decided to make it a full fledged game on it's own. Go ahead and check the trailer after the break and if you're feeling a little bit nostalgic go ahead and download it on PSN and XBLA now.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: RetroCityRampage