Project Eden - Globe's iPhone5 Registration Page

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Project Eden - Globe's iPhone5 Registration Page

We all knew that it would inevitably come to this and now the iPhone5 is on it's way to our mortal hands here on our side of the world. It took a while for the Philippines to get a taste of Apple's iPhone5 but recent announcements from Apple itself confirmed that it's latest and greatest iPhone is set to hit local telcos this coming December 14th. No word on pricing yet but I'm assuming that it's around the same price as high end phones nowadays which is around 5K cash out on an unlimited data contract(around 1.8k per month for 24 months). But the LTE capability might give it a different price tag though, so we'll just have to wait for official announcements from local telco giants Globe and Smart. Globe already has their iPhone5 online registration page up dubbed as "Project Eden" which you can check out at the source link below. But I'm sure Smart will have their own registration page by the end of the day so be sure to wait for that.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Globe iPhone 5 Registration


Anonymous said...

iPhone 5 seems to be very impressive. its resolution makes up for its screen size comparing it to competitors. Apple has tried to add more tweaks but may need more work on that.

Unknown said...

I think it's biggest strength is really not the hardware as most of the phones out there really offer the same or even better hardware... It's really the software and apps that's available on the device and how it blends with other Apple products...