In Case You're Interested - Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer 3

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer 3

I guess the next Star Trek movie "Into Darkness" is really trying to get me to watch it on the big screen. Now I know the writers of the first movie really did a great job of avoiding all the Trekkie critics by messing with the time space continuum and giving Kirk and Spock some minor character changes. I'm really not much of a Trekkie and like the rest of the world I just enjoy watching the action scenes and great plot of the movie. But for some reason I'm still not sure if I'm excited to see Star Trek: Into Darkness when it hits the big screen. Maybe I'm still waiting for the Klingons to take over. Anyways, just go ahead and watch trailer 3 after the break if you're still interested.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: YouTube


isko said...

this movie is awesome.. by the way do know any promo ticket about this movie so I could watch it for free..

Unknown said...

@isko - so far I don't have any free passes but I'll be sure to give them away here in case somebody gives me a couple to use.