I'm Not Sure I Like Ashton Playing Steve - Jobs Movie Trailer

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jobs Movie Trailer

Well it took a while and now the movie inspired by Steve Jobs life now has a full trailer. The movie "Jobs" as we all know stars Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs which kind of freaked me out at first and come to think of it, still freaks me out. I'm not entirely sure that Steve sounded and looked like a goofy college kid when he was building Apple Computers in his garage. Anyways, I'm still going to watch it whatever happens so I just have to suck it up like the rest of the world. Go ahead and watch the full trailer for "Jobs" after the break and see if you feel all tingly inside.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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Irene Enriquez said...

I actually thought they are not going to push through this with movie. So, it's great that it's finally happening. I'm definitely going to watch this. And I agree that Ashton seems to be an odd choice for the role. But hopefully, it turns out well.

Jab said...

I guess it will turn out okay... Specially if you're curious about Steve's life and how Apple started...