Three Animated YouTube Channels Raising the Bar

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Three Animated YouTube Channels Raising the Bar

The art of hand drawn illustrations, and the process of creating animated comical shorts, is definitely a complex skill that requires a great deal of time and creativity. As someone whose greatest artistic piece is probably a stick-man in a terrible running position, I am completely blown away by the creative genius of some individuals. Achieving success for an animator is not an easy task at all, often having to gamble with their time and money, like they’re at some Jackpotjoy bingo game show. Luckily, thanks to the brilliance that is YouTube, the life of an animator has been made just a little bit easier. There are endless channels that are devoted to creating unique and humorous animated videos. Here are three YouTube channels that I believe are raising the bar to a whole new level.

Simon’s Cat

The name is pretty self-explanatory. We follow the adventures of animator Simon Tofield’s loveable, but incredibly sly cat. You would think by now that most people would be sick of anything cat-related on the internet, although this extremely well animated, hilariously accurate portrayal of the typically stubborn cat is definitely worth watching. If you have a pet cat, or have ever seen a cat, or even know how to spell the word “cat”, these short videos are bound to have you in stitches.


Jason Steele’s FilmCow is without a doubt one of the most popular YouTube channels to date. Blessing viewers with the wonders of Charlie the Unicorn, a lethargic, take no nonsense unicorn that seems to constantly be suckered into the most absurdly hilarious situations by two of his fellow unicorns. With a massive variety of animated videos, including Llamas with Hats as well as the Magical Realm of Horse Man, watching these videos has almost turned into a rite of passage, needing to be watched before you can truly call yourself an internet soldier.


Unless you have never used the internet before, chances are you’ve seen the ingenious Cyanide & Happiness webcomics. Popping up constantly on just about every social networking site since MySpace, these incredibly witty, often controversial comics have taken the internet by storm. The ExplosmEntertainment YouTube channel sees the brilliance of animators Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin and Dave McElfatrick transformed into animated shorts, definitely worth a buffering.

Posted by Jason Swindon