4 Tips for Building A Great Business Website

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Creating a website for your business isn't the same as starting a blog or a personal page. The customers need to come first, and that means shaping and designing your virtual presence in very specific ways.

So what should you do to build a solid business-class website? Here are four ideas.

1: Know What Your Customers Want To See

Your front page should function as a portal to whatever your customers are seeking. If you're a lawyer, it should have your address and phone number prominently displayed for new clients; if you're an online retailer, you'll want links to your catalogue ready to go for shoppers. Don't make people jump through hoops to reach the meat of your site. You run the risk of losing their business if they decide you're not worth the trouble.

2: Have A Good Layout

"Good" is subjective, of course, but in most cases you'll want something clean and neat. You're trying to sell yourself as a reputable company, so your site should reflect your professionalism. Avoid anything clunky, childish or outdated. Hire graphic designers if you need help creating something appropriate. It's better to spend a little money on a good design than muddle through coding something inadequate on your own.

3: Keep Your Content Fresh

If nothing ever changes, why should customers come back? Make sure that you're updating your site regularly and that everyone knows you're doing it. For example, you might share press releases on Twitter or showcase your newest products on that all-important front page. The goal is to drive continuous traffic to your site with fresh, relevant content.

4: Choose The Right Domain Service

Nothing is more critical than your web host. If they go down, so does your site, and that can affect everything from profits to consumer trust in your brand. Look for a domain hosting service that's trustworthy, reliable and upfront about costs and what exactly your money is buying. Visit their FAQs and talk to their support staff. Get absolutely comfortable with their services before you put your business in their hands.

These are just four ways to help your company grow through an excellent website. There are many more, but these are some of the most critical, especially if you've only just started to expand your business to the virtual world. You want to come strong out of the gate to make a good impression. Good luck!