Online Gaming - Something for Everyone

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Ordinarily when we talk about online gaming we mean exactly that: games that we play online. But - and it’s sometimes a big but - there are different types of gaming out there. In fact, the kind of fantasy social gaming that we mostly talk about here is only one part of a much wider industry.
And as we all know, the gaming industry is ENORMOUS! Bigger than Hollywood, it’s valued in the tens of billions of dollars (not that anyone actually counts them all). So there is plenty of room for radically different gaming products to exist alongside the more conventional things we tend to showcase here.
This is a roundabout introduction to online casino gaming that is in and of itself a multibillion dollar industry. The thing about online casino gaming is that it encapsulates all the escapism that an action or a fantasy game might provide, but it does it in a way that carries an extra, added spice.

You see the online casino games that we’re talking about are exactly what they say they are: They are casinos where real people can play real games – poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, whatever takes your fancy – for real money.
All of a sudden the buzz is not something that is simply restricted to the game itself. Once you’re playing for real stakes things get a lot more meaningful!
Taking the 32red online casino as an example, we can point to over 500 hundred different games, some of which draw quite directly from the more fictional end of the gaming industry. There is no shortage of offerings that touch on themes of fantasy, adventure or pretty much anything else that takes your fancy.
Exploring the 32Red site we came across “Enchanted Woods”, “Halloweenies”, “Hand to Hand Combat”, “Crypt Crusade Gold” and “Dragons Fortune” to name just a few. There was also something called “Bunny Boiler Gold”, but that sounds like a different sort of fantasy altogether!
32Red seems to be pretty representative of a genre that sees a growing number of serious market players: 888Casino,,… the list is already quite extensive.
What’s interesting about the way these online casinos are pitching themselves is that they really do seem to think that can offer something to everyone. It’s certainly an ambitious way to go about their business. But it as it happens, that level of ambition is not as far-fetched as you might imagine.
The growth in online casino betting is every bit as startling as the explosion in the social gaming scene. According to gaming industry analysts the global market has grown by an average 23% every single year since 2003. That compounds up to something close to an overall 700% expansion. Those figures are being fuelled by impressive levels of uptake amongst demographics that might surprise you. For example, the same source suggests that this type of online gaming is increasingly popular amongst older players and females. These are not the first sets of people you think about when you think about casino games players are they? Maybe the gaming industry really does have something for everyone!